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    For us, the most important mutual trust with our partners, building long-term relationships, we win this loan from our customers and every time we invest more and more forces into it. Our words mean exactly the same as our contracts. We are proud of the fact that they trust us.

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    The team is our everything, surrounding our company with highly efficient specialists in all countries where «Kambler» company is represented, we are moving forward, investing in the necessary markets and new directions. Our specialists analyze and monitor the dynamics of the economies of the partner countries and their neighbors every day, as well as they are constantly searching for the newest simple solutions to complex problems.

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    Speed ​​of decision-making is the most important part of business success and we understand the needs of our partners in obtaining up-to-date information in the shortest possible time. Only reacting as quickly as possible has the opportunity to be relevant and competitive in those markets where we are represented. We share this value as no one and work in 24/7 mode.

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    «Kambler» - investment and consulting company operating in the CIS countries, Israel and Germany. The company's activities are divided into two parts: the search for topical technological and IT solutions in the leading countries and the implementation of these solutions in the CIS countries. «Kambler» presents a wide range of technological and IT solutions in the CIS countries in a number of areas: the defense industry complex, medical equipment, telecom equipment, IT solutions, as well as sales and consulting in the field of commercial and residential real estate in developing countries. In parallel, in the CIS countries for our partners from Israel and Germany, we provide a full range of services for the opening of enterprises, registration of trademarks, logistics, insurance, preparation for tenders in the state and commercial sector and any other issue necessary for comfortable work of the company in a new market.